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To Whom It May Concern

Re: Recommendation for effective Co.

The IBM Israel building is situated close to the University of Haifa (site size about 13,200 sq. m').

Lately, a moldy and humid smell has permeated into our conference hall and all of our attempts to remove this annoying situation failed.

A three-day professional conference was due to be held in the hall with important guests coming from overseas. We were referred to effective Co. who quickly arrived, set-up their equipment and operated the relevant machinery known to neutralize odors by use of ozone. Remarkably, the process was successful and the odor magically disappeared.

It has been three weeks since effective was here and the air in the hall is pleasant with no odors present.

We warmly recommend effective Co. for the professional treatment given by the company's general director and his team.


Eli Smilovitz

Maintenance Manager, IBM Israel

Telephone: 04-8296210
Mobile Phone: 054-6976210



Mr. Ami Sheft

Director General
effective Co.

Re: Endorsement

Dear Sir:

A few months ago it was suggested that we use a device called “Panther” – an ozone generator for the eradication of odors, disinfection and purification of the air.

The device was inspected and tried in a number of rooms and it was found to give excellent results for the eradication of bad smells and odors that are found at times in rooms in the hotel.

Now, the use of the generator saves us time and money and helps in the quick preparation for occupancy of the rooms in the hotel.

The ozone generator is warmly recommended to anyone encountering the problem of odors, cigarette smoke for example and other lingering smells.


Eldad Zarfati

Housekeeping Manager


A Recommendation from Nofim Tower

Senior Housing Project Ltd.

March 15, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Strong Recommendation for EffectiveO Co.

Dear Sir/Madam,

The assisted-living building of Nofim Tower contains 154 living units and other facilities as is customary in such buildings.

About two weeks ago a very strong and unpleasant odor spread throughout the mini-market that serves the buildings' residents. The source of the odor was found and removed, however it wasn't possible to get rid of the remnants of the odor that had permeated into the walls and the furniture.

According to information found over the internet, we called in EffectiveO Co. Within a few hours of our call, servicemen arrived and placed a generator in the space of the mini-market, where it operated for 12 hours, a whole night.

The next morning, not a trace was left of the obnoxious bothersome odor, it had just disappeared.

We strongly recommend EffectiveO services for dealing with problems of the eradication of bothersome odors.


Zvi Lavi

General Director


Orot Shopping Mall

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Recommendation

For the last three months, the Mall has been using a device called “Panther”, an ozone generator for the eradication of bad smells. Since we began operating the generator in our shopping malls, once every few nights, the problem of bothersome odors in the rest rooms has been solved.

We recommend the use of the “Panther” generator as an efficient and environmentally friendly device, that gets rid of odors in enclosed spaces.


Shlomo Hatav

Regional Maintenance Manager

Orot Shopping Mall

Or Akiva


To Whom It May Concern
Re: Recommendation for EffectiveO for a Problem with Rodents

I have been dealing with the problem of rodents in the attic for quite some time.

I tried different disinfestation methods but the rodents (rats) kept returning.

The treatment by EffectiveO using ozone generators worked miraculously.

After only one treatment, the rodents learned that there was no point in returning and I'm now in a safe and clean environment.

I warmly recommend EffectiveO – it is the “next thing” in dealing with rodents!


Boaz Arbel

General Director