The Activo air purifier ozone generator is the global leader in the field of air treatment and purification. The effective is a mobile ozone generator designed for use by professionals in the field of air treatment and decontamination and building maintenance personnel.

The device is particularly intended for neutralizing odors such as smoke, mold, mildew, paint, sewage, and others in a short period of time.

effective is an air purification device utilizing the unique double di-electric barrier discharge technology, enabling it to achieve an ozone output of 12,000 mg/h under ambient air conditions. This high level of ozone output per hour is especially suited to treating homes and buildings damaged by fire, where high concentrations of ozone can be particularly beneficial for remediation of the situation.

Air Purification – Application Process

The application process requires first to remove people, pets, plants, and items containing natural rubber from the area to be treated. Following this, treatment time for ozone generation is determined according to the size of the room (up to 50 hours with the Activo device, while with the Panther device the maximum ozone generation time is an hour), however shorter periods of treatment time are possible.


When the effective generator is turned on, a flashing yellow light gives the operator a warning to leave the room before ozone generation begins. When ozone generation starts, a buzzer and siren sound for ten seconds. When treatment has been completed, the flashing light goes off and a message appears on the digital keypad that the treatment is over. The room should be aired out after the ozone treatment.

Air Purification and Odor Removal in Hotels:

Efficient use can be made of the effective ozone generator by hotel maintenance and housekeeping personnel and staff to remove odors from large rooms contaminated by tobacco smoke, to prevent odors in banquet halls and storage areas and to purify garbage storage areas, trash dumpsters, and supply rooms.

Our ozone generators are already in use today by a large number of hotels, whose staff express their high level of satisfaction.


Ozone can adversely affect indoor plants and damage materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, fabrics and artwork containing susceptible dyes and pigments. Therefore, it is recommended to remove such items from the enclosed areas before activating the ozone generator.

The EC Family

The EC family of stationary ozone generators are global leaders in their performance class. The EC ozone generators have been developed and designed for efficient and highly reliable and continuous operation.

The device cores are protected by a unique U.S. patented technology to achieve very high levels of ozone outputs, that are especially suited for neutralizing pollution and strong odors requiring large scale air purification such as food processing plants, chemical plants, garbage storage areas and dumpsters and sewage treatment plants.

Since ozone, although an extremely powerful oxidant, decomposes biologically, EC ozone generators are ideal for environmentally conscious air purification in food (meat and fish) processing industries. In chemical plants the EC generators can be easily added to existing exhaust systems by use of standard ducting and thus remove and decompose harsh orders being emitted into the air and prevent environmental pollution.

Standards and Safety Features

All EC models comply with UL and CSA standards and come with additional safety features.