Banishing Rodents

Rodents tend to congregate at food sources, such as food warehouses and supermarkets. Using ozone generators from EffectiveO on a regular basis will help in keeping rodents and woodworms far away.Rats01
Rodents are animals who can learn. Ozone burns their eyes and lungs and therefore they will keep their distance to avoid coming into contact with the gas.

4 steps to keeping rodents away by using Effectie:

  • Identification – locate/find rodents in restaurants, food warehouses, supermarkets, etc.
  • Installation - install effective ozone generators
  • Operation - the effective generators emit ozone into the atmosphere
  • Banishing - the ozone burns the rodents' eyes, nasal passages and lungs and they flee the area.

Why is it worthwhile to distance rodents by use of effective?

Economical Solution

  • Reducing regular expenses for alternative solutions

Natural Solution

  • Banishing with no actual harm to the animal.

User Friendly

  • Easy and simple to operate – anyone can do it!

Important to know!

  • Ozone is also efficient in keeping cats and woodworms away!