Effective is the leading company for eradication solutions to bad smells, disinfecting and purifying the air using Ozone.

The company has a wide range of groundbreaking solutions, such as: Mobile Ozone Generators– Panther and ActivO for treating closed spaces of all sizes and EC stationary ozone generators for use in ventilation and emission ducts.

All the solutions relieve problems of bad smells and odors, removal of rodents, and extending shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, by the use of advanced machinery with a number of programs especially suited for odor removal applications requiring large-scale air purification, while allowing exact control of the time and the quantities of Ozone emitted. It also has a unique and fully automated deactivation cycle for breaking down the remaining ozone.
The effective system complies with the highest safety regulations of UL, FCC and CSA standards.
Our services are ready and available for implementation shortly after receiving a call – within 24 hours we will get rid of the bad smell.

effective Puts the Green Back into Nature

effective works according to the green approach, and uses ozone generation, a natural gas that can rapidly decompose odor from various sources, and is very efficient in dealing with contaminates.

In our daily lives and at work, in Israel and in the surrounding environment, we are exposed to a large quantity of contaminates. Therefore, we have chosen to join the fight against environmental pollution and contamination by contributing to the KKL-JNF. We return the ‘green’ to nature (link to KKL web site) by donating a share of our profits to the planting and rehabilitation of forests in Israel.