Green Solutions With Ozone

Why Ozone?

Easy to carry out, rapid treatment, efficient results: decomposes (into oxygen)Therefore, doesn’t harm the environment

Natural Disinfecting Material
Efficient in treating fungi, germs, viruses, and house dust mite (HDM)

Extend Shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
Decomposes ethylene that causes early ripening and decay and rotting of fruits and vegetables.

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Who does our service cater to?
Basements, hospitals, public restrooms, “safe” or protected rooms in apartments/homes, occasion halls, banquet and conference halls, sports centers, hotels, yachts, dining rooms, kitchens, laboratories, automobiles, trucks, malls, cellars, theaters, closed areas, smelly areas, garbage rooms, for store owners, marketing chains, food warehouses, supermarkets and every place where bad smells must be gotten rid of. To reduce environmental damage. To extend the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables and to banish rodents.

New – Sales or rental of ozone generators for air purification and riddance of smells.
Our services are ready and available for implementation shortly after receiving a call – within 24 hours we will eradicate the bad smell.

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